Castle on TNT

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CASTLE ON TNTCastle is no longer airing on TNT at the present time. I’m not sure if it will be returning to the schedule anytime soon, if at all. This could be a “pause” in the airings while TNT cycles through shows in its library. It’s also possible their licensing has run out and they chose not to renew it. This would make the show available to other cable channels (such as USA, We, ION, etc.). But the cost might scare some away.

As for TNT, the show has had a rough go recently. The ratings have steadily dropped over the past two years. The cable network has moved it around, reducing airings and went to a limited “one-a-day-week” schedule earlier this year hoping it would “boost” it up, but has failed to do so.

Like a lot of series, reruns tend to wear thin over time. And if shows in syndication aren’t pulling in the ratings, there’s little reason for advertisers to buy time on those shows. Castle has fallen victim to that line of reasoning.

The show is still airing on over-the-air syndication (such as your local ABC station). And it is of course, available through iTunes and Amazon.



  1. Thank you for the update and am so sorry and lost without Castle on TNT. I do watch it on ABC on weekends.I hope TNT decides to bring it back cause us Castle fans are so disappointed. Thanks again for the update with news we didn’t want to hear, but it is what it is!!! We’re anxiously awaiting “Absentia” starring Stana Katic, which will be coming to the U. S. in the fall!!!

  2. The truth is many people can’t stand to watch the show and certain actors after what happened. The way the lead actress was treated and then the way they ended the show left a lot of people hurt, angry and annoyed. I haven’t watched Castle since it ended and I won’t for a while. It still hurts. And I developed such dislike for certain faces that almost all episodes are ruined for me, anyway. I prefer to read fanfics. Some of them have ten times better plot then season 7-8 episodes.

  3. You guys need to stream and get IPTV services or Kodi they have all 8 seasons.,Castle is streaming from Canada on the Space channel.


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