‘Castle Chronicles’ is not going anywhere

CASTLE - ABC's "Castle" stars Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Ruben Santiago-Hudson as NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery and Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)

The Castle Chronicles website will remain online for as long as I wish to continue to keep it going. I know a few sites have closed up shop. That’s their right, I guess.

I have no desire to end the website simply because the show has ended. Everyday it seems someone finds the show and goes in search of content and it is for that reason, the website will remain live. I feel as a fan I have an obligation to keep things going so that new fans have content to check out.

As you may have noticed, the website has a new look. It’s a work in progress. It’ll be tweaked over the next few weeks.

It is my goal to recap all 173 episodes, starting with completing season eight’s recaps and then work my way around the rest of the series. I’m also going through my backups of photos and will get episode stills up when I do the recaps.




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