BREAKING: Marlowe exits as Castle’s showrunner

After six years, Castle‘s showrunner, Andrew Marlowe is stepping down. Executive producer David Amann will take over in season seven. Marlowe will continue to be a daily presence on the show.

BREAKING NEWS—After six years, Andrew Marlowe is turning the reigns of the hit ABC series Castle over to his co-pilot, David Amann. Marlowe is stepping down from the series to focus on other projects.

Marlowe’s departure comes after a cliffhanger that left a sour taste in the mouths of parts of the fandom.  Fans shouldn’t worry, though. Marlowe will continue to be a presence on the show.  He also has an overall development deal with ABC. (Key words here: OVERALL DEVELOPMENT DEAL—meaning, he’s focusing on other stuff, and he will continue to be a voice in the room. If you misinterpret this, I’ll show you some website that turn news upside down for their own twisted logic. Sites that fans continuously tweet out as “reliable” sources.)

David Amann, who joined the show in the series’ third season,  has wrote some of the most fan favorite episodes, including last year’s “Disciple”, “Under Fire” and “In the Belly of the Beast.”

“Over the past four seasons, David has proven himself to be a tremendous leader and a great steward of our show’s unique voice,” Marlowe said in a statement. “I’m excited to continue our creative collaboration as he assumes his new responsibilities.”

The show’s writers are already back at work. Production is slated to begin in mid-July.

Source: TV Line


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