Absentia: Photos released


Katic’s Absentia to get premiere in Monte Carlo

ABSENTIA NEWS—The official Twitter account (@AbsentiaSeries) is active and posting photos and other news about Stana Katic’s upcoming series. The account is very fan friendly and interacts with fans and the cast. For all the latest and legitimate news on Katic’s new series, we strongly recommend following the account. They’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

Right now, Sony Pictures Television is participating in panels in Los Angeles to seek distribution deals with its AXN networks and other markets such as the U.S. and Canada. As of this article posting, no U.S. network has picked up the show. These panels are designed to get the show noticed.

The big international push comes in June when the series opens the 57th Monte Carlo Television Festival. Stars Stana Katic and Patrick Heusinger will be in attendance.

About Absentia

Absentia is from director Oded Ruskin. Katic plays an FBI agent, Emily Byrne, who disappears without a trace while chasing down a serial killer and is declared dead. Six years later she returns with no memory of what happened. During the time she was missing, her husband (Heusinger) remarried. Byrne’s return also puts her in the cross-hairs as she is now the suspect in a series of murders.

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