‘Absentia’ is coming to the U.S.


ABSENTIA NEWS — Good news, fans of Stana Katic’s new series Absentia, you will get to see it. It just depends on where you live. The show is already airing internationally. And Sony Pictures TV has said a U.S. home will be announced in a few weeks.

Where it lands is anyone’s guess, but a broadcast home seems unlikely at this point unless they wait till summer. I can’t see Sony wanting to wait until 2018 to roll the show out to U.S audiences.

A few people have speculated of “best options.” A few of those being TNT (not in their wheelhouse and don’t use Castle as an example) and USA Network, etc.

My money at this point is the rebranded Spike TV.  The channel, which is owned by Viacom (which owns CBS), will relaunch mid-January 2018 as Paramount TV. The network is primed for fresh content.

I’m of course, playing connect the dots here. Afterall, Paramount said September 25 it will announce more programming in over the next few weeks. On the same day, Sony Pictures announced the U.S.home would be announced in a few weeks.

Am I right, who knows. I could be way, way off base. But I’m basing my guess on experience, knowledge and a few other things. (Note: I don’t know where it will land. I am, after all, just guessing here.)

If it does land on Paramount TV, it would mean a late winter/spring launch for the show.

For right now, you’ll have to settle for illegal downloads to watch the show.

(PS: I’m watching the first episode now.)



  1. With so many people in the USA watching illegal downloads, do you think it hurts the show’s chances for it becoming a success in the states?

  2. I was able to see all 3 shows yesterday. The first one was kinda slow but the second and third were really good. For the people that have Kodi you can view on Exodus.

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