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Photo by Kelsey McNeal / © ABC Studios
Photo by Kelsey McNeal / © ABC Studios

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Castle Chronicles (http://castleseries.net) is a fan website for the hit ABC series Castle starring Nathan FIllion and Stana Katic. This website is not sanctioned or supported by ABC, ABC Studios or any other entity involved in bringing the show to life.

Our goal here is simple: provide fans with news, videos, photos, reviews and recaps of the show plus other things that are Castle related.

And we’re always looking for people to help out with the website.

If you’re proficient in English and have some writing ability, we’d like to hear from you. Send us a review of a Castle episode (400 to 800 words) to castlecrhonicles[at]gmail.com.

Our rule on spoilers

Our rules on spoilers are this: If it is published in the media (such as TV Guide) or mentioned by people attached to the show through the media it becomes part of the public domain. And if it’s in the public domain, we no longer consider it a spoiler. But, we will label our posts such (Spoilers: Scoop on episode blah blah) so you can make the choice. But in all honesty, if you’re coming here for news you’re bound to get spoiled one way or the other.

To simplify things, the following we don’t consider spoilers:

  • Episode synopsis published in TV listings
  • Publicity photos
  • Press releases
  • Cast/Crew interviews

Fan spoilers, such as those who stake out filming location and share photos should be considered potentially spoilery, and therefore will not be shared on this website. Also included in that mix are fans who are in the media and share spoilers based on screeners (which is a no-no pursuant to the agreement they make with ABC).

Recaps and Reviews policy

Castle Chronicles writes recaps and reviews with honesty and openness. We are not in the business of blowing smoke up people’s rear-ends to make them feel better. In other words, we don’t sugarcoat our opinions with half-truths and silliness. If we didn’t find something appealing, we don’t hide behind our “names” because we may lose favor with people if we state something that is counter to positive. We stand by our recaps and reviews and we challenge those who take the time to review episodes to think long and hard and check their “fan” at the door.

Who we are

People who contribute to the website work in a variety professions. Some of us work in media-related industries, students or just the everyday person who is a fan of the show. We are fans, just like the people who come to this website are fans.

About Castle (ABCMedia.net):

When viewers first met famous mystery novelist Richard Castle he was creatively blocked. But when the NYPD questioned him in connection with a series of murders staged to imitate crime scenes from his books, Castle found inspiration in NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. Once that initial case was solved, Castle and Beckett continued to investigate strange homicides in New York, combining Castle’s writer intuition and Beckett’s creative detective work. Over the years they did more than just solve crimes though — they fell in love, started dating and then finally decided to get married.

But in the Season 6 finale, as Castle was driving to his much-anticipated nuptials, an ominous black SUV bore down on him. Then, when he didn’t show up at the wedding, Beckett was called to an accident scene where she saw Castle’s car in a ravine, engulfed in flames.

Who or what caused the car crash? Is there anyway Castle could have survived? Season 7 will pick-up at the scene of that accident, right where the finale left off, in a premiere that promises to put Beckett through the toughest case of her career.

Cast: Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan, Penny Johnson Jerald as NYPD Captain Victoria Gates, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle with Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers.

Executive Producers: Andrew Marlowe (Creator), David Amann (Showrunner), Rob Bowman, Armyan Bernstein, Rob Hanning and Terri Edda Miller.