UPDATED: “Dressed to Kill” to Feb. 3


ABC’s last minute schedule means fans will have to a wait a week much-touted fashion episode

Almost immediately after the network releases a preview screener of the episode, ABC has moved the Jan. 27 episode of Castle a week.  “Dressed to Kill” will now air it on Feb. 3 instead. According to network sources, they wanted to the episode to air in February sweeps. An encore of “Number One Fan” will air on Jan 27 instead.  CTV will air the episode Feb. 9, almost a week after the ABC broadcast. They’ll have “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on Feb. 16.

Some have asked is this normal. Not usually but not all that uncommon. As we’ve seen already this season with the top part of the second half being shuffled around a bit, a network making changes to a schedule to ensure they get the maximum benefit is not uncommon. So drop the conspiracy theories at the door and think practically and in a business sense. It’s a smart move on their part to give them a strong February showing.


We’ve seen some posts by people stating that this will hurt ratings. The only episode that should get a ding in the ratings will be “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and that’s because airing against the Olympics on NBC. We cannot stress this enough, because of the way ratings are figured in the United States, it would take a sizable portion of the metered audience to not watch an episode for it to impact ratings. In other words, regular viewers of Castle who are part of that metered family will find Castle. And to just top that bit of side information: it’s not like Castle‘s fate is decided upon a singular episode. So, please. Relax.

Our contacts with ABC tell us that this is the following schedule for Castle. But please keep in mind, it is subject to change.

Jan. 26: “Need to Know” (Sunday, R)
Jan. 27: “Number One Fan” (R)
Feb. 3: “Dressed to Kill” (N)
Feb. 9: “A Murder is Forever” (Sunday, R)
Feb. 10: “Valkyrie” (R)
Feb. 16: “Dreamworld” (Sunday, TBC, R)*
Feb. 17: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”(N)

* The Feb. 16 episode is our insert since the affiliate schedule for the month of February shows an episode airing Feb. 16.


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