ABC expands on decision to cancel ‘Castle’


Editor’s Note: I’m not interested in getting into debates with fans who wish to continue to publicly dredge up the cancellation of the series, the decision to not renew Stana Katic’s contract, bad blood between the cast or anything else connected to the series. This includes the story decisions of season eight, making Alexi Hawley the showrunner, previous showrunners or the fact the show should have ended in season seven. This is water under the bridge. Bringing up old and tiresome arguments is pointless. It also makes the fandom look petty and immature. Get over the fact the show has ended. Get over the fact that there were bad story decisions made. Get over the fact the studio decided to oust Katic from the series. I’m not also interested in hearing people bitch about the network. A lot of the decisions regarding the show was made under Paul Lee’s tenure, and I do mean a lot of the decisions. The past is literally the past and you cannot change it. If you comment, be thoughtful and considerate. In other words, don’t whine about what happened let it go and enjoy what the show brought to your life.

ABC Entertainment’s boss expands on decision to cancel Castle

In early August (2016), new ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey was asked about the decision to cancel the long-running procedural show Castle after eight seasons. The decision was shocking because the studio had worked to re-sign Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever, Jon Huertas, and others ahead of the season/series finale.

During the summer press tour, Dungey said the network was very upfront with the studio and producers about the possibility of the show ending for good in season eight. The studio did what they needed to do in case they got the pick-up for a season nine. At the end of the day, the network felt the decisions made (ousting of Katic) was not the right thing to do in order for the network to green-light another season.

The book is now closed on Castle


  1. Thank you for this, thank you for saying something about it. Because since things ended the fandom has been at each others throats with all this pettiness & immaturity. I and a few others (probably more) have been saying this since it ended. The cast has moved on, everyone has moved on except for certain folks in the fandom who feel the need to point blame or make accusations or start drama. I just wanna say thank you for writing this & speaking up, honestly I was hoping someone would speak up & tell the fandom they need to stop with this pettiness. It doesn’t look good at all on us & as a whole I don’t wanna be referred to “that fandom that can’t handle their show being cancelled”. Cause at the end of the day in the tv business shows get axed & decisions are made. If every actor/actress got caught up & made a big deal over it being cancelled they wouldn’t get a lot of roles in tv or movies in my opinion. I just can’t tell you how glad I am this showed up in my email! Again thank you!

  2. Thank you for this. It answered the biggest question I had about the cancellation and for me it was the right one!

  3. I agree with what you said;it’s time for the bickering and knit-picking to stop. Also,I appreciate your putting the letter explaining ABC’s decision to cancel Castle altogether and I agree they made the right decision.So for all you knit-pickers and crybabies I have just one thing to say:GET OVER IT!!!!

  4. will not be saying anything to upset who ever posted this, but its a show everyone loved and can’t take away that from us. I would be happy if one day I turn on my pc and see “Castle is back with full Cast and Crew.”

  5. Ultimately, Channing Dungey & ABC made the right call..As much as I, and millions of others, will miss Castle, it would have been disastrous for the show to have gone on without Kate Beckett and Lanie Parish. I agree with the author of this Castle Chronicles article; Paul Lee, bears a huge part of the blame. He was the one leaking it to the press that he could forsee Castle continuing without “one of the lead actors.” We can see how well that decision worked out for him. My heart breaks for the writers and the behind the scenes crew, many of whom are still struggling to find a new job. I look forward to seeing all of the main cast in new roles. Thank you for providing the articles on Castle throughout the years. I always enjoyed reading your posts.

    • Actually, a lot of them found new jobs already. They’re a veteran crew with experience, shows want that. My heart doesn’t break for them per se because it’s the nature of the business. It’s not “if” a job will end, it’s a matter of when. People who work in the entertainment industry know that you can have a job today and then two weeks later, it’s done. People go into show business knowing the risks that come with it and that includes going days and weeks without a job. Don’t cry for them too much. They’re doing what they love and with that comes a lot of risks.

  6. They would have been better to never have a season 8. The last show of season 7 would have been a great finish and would not have left so many fans bitter about the handling of the show.

    • That’s what I was sorta thinking. If they’d had finished with season 7 it wouldn’t have been so forced upon us & such. It just really bummed me out that Andrew Marlowe left entirely after season 7. If Andrew wouldn’t have left or stepped down after season 6. Our storylines would’ve been like they used to be. But things happened differently, but I agree with you here. Season 7 would’ve been a good end.

  7. I like when fans call out other fans for their whiney-ass attitudes. Get over it people. The show ended. SK was set out to sink by her co-star because he didn’t like sharing the lime-light. It’s well-known fact that NF wanted the show to end or get her off the show so he could have “his” fun. Well, he got his due when the network called the studio’s bluff and canceled the show.


    The studio was told numerous times once Dungey took over they had to bring back SK and NF in order to get a ninth season.They were “warned” if you fall for his “antics” (again), you won’t have a show called Castle to produce anymore. The studio was playing games with their own shows up for consideration for a pick-up.


    ABC wanted Castle back for a ninth season but only with SK and NF in place. They *were* never going to go for a modified version of the show. NF made a demand, that demand was followed through. The network showed them who controlled the strings and toss the show into the dumpster.


    Marlowe didn’t step down because he wanted to “focus” on his other projects (which all died in development). He stepped down because he was forced to destroy his show because of NF’s crazy, self-centered demands. Likewise, David Amann didn’t just “leave” at the end of season seven. He was told to leave because he wasn’t going to put with NF’s “make me the focus” of the show demands.


    They found two chumps who would go with the demands. They (studio & producers) lied to SK to get her to re-sign. But she wasn’t going to walk away. She was going to make them “throw her off the show.” The show she’s been a supporter of while her male co-star refused to “promote” Castle in a meaningful manner and always wanted to turn it around back to “Firefly.” Only an egotistical SOB would do such a thing.

  8. I agree with oliverdoom 77.Castle should have ended after Season 7. Thank God the president of ABC was smart enough to realize that a 9th season of Castle without Stana Katic would never have worked,and thus made the right decision to cancel it altogether. So let’s accept the fact that Castle is history and just be grateful for 8 great seasons and stop playing the blame game;it’s getting very old.t

  9. I don’t believe all the thing they are saying about nathan the writter are the ones who mised up the show nathan and stana was to good together.

    • It wasn’t just the writers who messed up, a lot of the OG writers from castle who knew how to write a storyline with depth & great meanings left after season 7 there was only 2 or 3 original writers who had written a castle storyline before. if you notice the OG writers in season 8, those were the episodes everyone loved & cherished as for the newer writers they did a decent job but their episodes weren’t as memorable & the storyline was somewhat confusing and some of the jokes felt forced. Of course after a show ends people are gonna start rumors about Stana & Nathan. Nathan had no ego problem, nor did stana outshine him as some people like to believe. People praise Stana more & demean Nathan to nothing but a joke why? Because that’s how the writers were writing him out to be. Nathan started out as this very witty & smart guy but then as seasons progressed they began to write him as a buffoon who couldn’t do anything. They didn’t demean Stana’s character because if they in the least bit started turning her into something she wasn’t Stana would’ve walked off the show because she knows what her character would & would not do or act like. At the end of the day, this show ended on a sour note with a poor ending & we have abc to blame for that. There was no drama between Nathan & Stana, though “sources” who never wanted to blog about Caslte certainly did when they heard about drama between the two leads, which was nothing but false. Everyone wants to pin blame on Nathan and they put Stana on this high up pedestal. She’s a wonderful actress & knows how to really add in the right things for her character. But what people fail to see is the fact that Nathan was being reduced to nothing but a joker & yes he is that but that’s not all Richard Castle was. He had a mind that got into the mindset of what a killer what do & we lost that in season 8. We lost the finishing each others sentences, we lost the witty Richard Castle, & something that was not brought back was angry richard castle, those moments were golden.

  10. For those that continue to say there were no problems, the Hollywood Reporter and and even TV Guide all pointed to problems on set. With Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter, these are respected industry magazines. They’re NOT GOING TO MAKE UP SHIT given their credibility is on the line.

  11. Regardless of what some of you may think, there were problems. Whoever is at fault, who knows. It’s irrelevant at this point. But think to go through any of this with rose-colored glasses saying there weren’t problems are foolish and have never worked in a stress-filled job before.

    Which brings me to this question: Do all of you get along with your coworkers? I’m waiting….


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