8×01 – XY

Stana Katic as Capt. Kate Beckett in "XY". (© ABC Studios)
Stana Katic as Capt. Kate Beckett in “XY”. (© ABC Studios)

Logline: After passing the captain’s exam in the season seven finale, Beckett was surprised with an offer to run for the New York State Senate. In the action packed season premiere, Castle and Beckett are adjusting to Beckett’s career change when a call from a mysterious stranger sets off an explosive chain of events. There are two sides to every story, and in this unique two-parter will explore the same story from each of their perspectives, first from Castle‘s side as he searches for Beckett.

Original airdate: Sept. 21, 2015

Filming dates: July 15 to July 27 (9 days)

Written by: Terence Paul Winter & Alexi Hawley

Directed by: Rob Bowman

Guest cast: Sunkrish Bala as Vikram Singh, Brad Lee Wind as Franco Mancini, Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Brooks, Jack Coleman as Senator Will Bracken, Daisy Betts as A.J.


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