Recap: The G.D.S.

CASTLE - "The G.D.S." - Castle returns to the City of Angels in search of answers about his missing time. But things take a deadly turn when he's recruited by the legendary Greatest Detective Society to help solve a murder, on "Castle," MONDAY, MARCH 7 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) NATHAN FILLION, GERALD MCRANEY

“The G.D.S.” picks up almost immediately after the events of “And Justice for All…” and sees Castle go on a quest to recover his lost time. But what he finds at the end of it all, may have dire consequences for him and Beckett. If you weren’t a fan of what is about to happen, get over it. It’s going to happen, whether you like it not. To quote Stana Katic this season is about the cosmic version of why these two characters came together and takes a look at the existing arcs—Castle’s disappearance and Joanna Beckett’s murder. But there’s another avenue afoot in “The G.D.S.” a spot in a super-secret society (anyone surprised there wasn’t a secret hand shake) of detectives called rather plainly: The Greatest Detective Society.

And where was Beckett? Beats me. It was never said… maybe it was cut during editing. And please, spare me and everyone else your conspiracy-laden theories… this isn’t the website for such talk.

The case of the week

The episode wouldn’t be entertaining without a murder to investigate. Almost immediately after arriving, Castle is summoned to a famous L.A. cemetery after a dead gumshoe is found resting among the tombstones by a secretive society named The G.D.S.

Phillip Harris has become the latest victim of a serial killer who poses his victims with some organ in their hands, in this case—Harris’ heart. The good L.A. detective happens to be an old pal (or lover, boy toy, etc.) who kindly lets Castley (hey, I’m entitled to do a mash-up) investigate in tandem.

Harris has a New York connection with his sister living there. That brings in the boys who talk to the sibling and find out Harris has been tracking a serial killer named the Phantom. The bi-coastal killer kept authorities on both ends in the dark. (Where’s the F.B.I.?)

Knowledge in hand, Castle is summoned to G.D.S headquarters where we meet Mason Wood (Gerald McRaney) and Kendall Frost (Firefly’s Summer Glau). The victim was a member of the G.D.S. and Frost and Castle are competing for his vacant spot.

The investigation leads Castle and Hayley to Zenith Studios (aka, the Raleigh lot were Castle is filmed) and it’s troubling trip for the mystery writer turned P.I. it’s the same studio that nuked the Nikki Heat movie… guess Castle really was right in season three’s “Nikki Heat”… it was a horrible script. Anyways, Harris was working undercover at the studio, thinking it was someone in the movie industry.

Castley and Frost call a truce in order to catch Harris’ killer who they think is a director Austin Electra (such a made up name). After a little foreplay, Austin gets the upper hand and Castley and Frost are called on the carpet by the G.D.S. for utter lack of professionalism. But Austin does provide a clear for the 12th to look into, a former assistant named Jordan Keegan.

The boys confront Keegan who boasts about he and his partner thwarted cops for years about how his killer-in-crime made his visions real and all that. Keegan’s not going to be talked down and gets double-tapped in the head.

A search of Keegan’s laptop reveals a script called “The Gemini Killers” and Castle recognizes the notes on the scrip that links back to the executive that nuked the Nikki Heat franchise.

The case solved, Castle is offered up Harris’ spot on the G.D.S. but Castle says he already works with the greatest detective and can’t wait to get back to her. The spot goes to Frost, thankfully. Was this a backdoor pilot? Maybe not with Castle in tow… but the G.D.S. bored me and there wasn’t enough with the characters to make them likeable… so probably not.

Castle’s disappearance and LokSat merge

If this was dropped last season during “Sleeper” or even during “Drive/Montreal,” I might have taken serious issue. This time around? Not so much. Why? Different writers. Anything that’s not touched by Amann/Marlowe in this on-going saga is a change worth seeing. Fresh eyes, fresh perspective, fresh take… is usually for the better. It’s sparked my interest in Castle’s disappearance, again. And that’s a shocker.

What did Castle’s trip west reveal? Hayley was definitely hiding something and her appearance in the beginning of the season was by design. She was asked to check in on Castle after his little mission for the CIA to get the asset to flip over. Jackson asked Hayley to keep at a watchful on his wayward son. Somehow Castle found out about a connection between LokSat and Bracken went in search of it but after getting shot he asked to have his memory erased to keep Kate safe.

He knows her too well… she’ll chase after it and get herself killed in the process. As we know, she found out nonetheless. His attempt was all for naught. This allows Castle to blame himself for what happened, proving that honesty is sometimes the best of course of action, even when the stakes are high.

So, if we go with the assumption that Hunt sent Hayley to watch over Castle… who the heck sent Rita to watch over Beckett?

The bigger question is now: how long does Castle keep Beckett in the dark about the discovery… not for long, considering what happens later in the season… a spoiler warning… don’t think we have anything to worry about any sort of fallout from Castle’s little secret.


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