Recap: Tone Death

CASTLE - "Tone Death" - When a body is found in the theater of Martha's latest show, Castle and Beckett's investigation leads them into the unexpectedly dangerous world of competitive a capella. "High School Musical"'s Corbin Bleu guest stars. "Tone Death" will air on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET/PT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) STANA KATIC, JON HUERTAS, SEAMUS DEVER

Castle kicks off its second half with a bit of a musical sent in the world of A Capella. As for Castle and Beckett, they’re keeping their reunion a secret to keep LokSat in the dark while the investigation continues. That of course, sets up some awkward moments in public for the couple.

Case of the week

Robyn King is trying to improve her life after being released from prison. After getting involved with a non-profit called No Backslides Partnerships that introduces young people to the arts to keep them on the right side of the life, King along with others forms a group called the Aca Cons.

The group is preparing for a competition called All-America A Capella Competition. After seeing the video about her road to recovery, King becomes suspicious about how she landed in jail. She learns she was set up and decides to confront the person who sent her to jail.

The investigation goes down a few avenues at first. A former group member that’s been kicked out, a rival in the competition and the competition’s judge before settling on the bland couple behind the non-profit as being the true culprits behind King’s murder.

Linda and Scott Weinberg seem like the idealistic want to chance the world for the better people who set up a non-profit that brings the arts into the prison. But the duo has some deep dark secrets. Laura set King up to go to jail to protect her career in law school. Scott later wanted to protect the life the two had built for each other. Scott is the killer.

Castle and Beckett’s relationship

Beckett’s lunch break is spent meeting up with Castle at the loft for a little afternoon snack. They’re keeping everyone in the dark about their relationship, this includes Ryan and Esposito. This sets up for two public arguments inside the precinct which includes a slap.

Let’s just say, Beckett at first is better at feigning their rough patch than Castle. While following up on a lead, Castle lets the boys thing he cheated on Beckett with a Russian underwear model. Not to be out done, Beckett follows up with her own admission of seeing someone named Dr. Livingstone (it’s more of the first name that came to mind thing, I think).

The boys have their loyalty with Beckett while giving Castle the cold shoulder. One wonders how they’ll react once the cat’s out of the bag.

Beckett and Castle both agree their public arguments are making for some passionate bedroom rendezvous.

A few odds and ends

  • Martha has a bigger presence in this episode than previously with her having just meeting the victim.
  • The fight in the precinct and the slap that came later was played for kicks and not meant to be anything other than that… this is after all, Castle.
  • The A Capella singing
  • The bubble cigars came in handy as a stress reliever.
  • Castle and Beckett are making the most of the whole we’re still fighting charade


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