Recap: The Last Seduction

CASTLE - "The Last Seduction" - In order to hunt down the brutal murderer of a grifting seducer, Castle & Beckett must investigate New York's elite. Meanwhile, Castle plans to surprise Beckett on their one-year wedding anniversary. "The Last Seduction" will air on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) SEAMUS DEVER, STANA KATIC, JON HUERTAS, NATHAN FILLION

What’s happening in “The Last Seduction”

The boys need a buffer, Castle wants to surprise Beckett for their first anniversary and a murder prompts an investigation into New York’s elite. “The Last Seduction” written by Rob Hanning and directed by John Terlesky is the penultimate episode heading into the fall finale.

The case of the week

This week’s victim is Scott McCoy, a lothario who stages bar fights to pick up chicks. As the investigation grows, the victim was getting $5,000 to carry out some sort of scam involving married women. The investigation leads them to a spa where a pack of women who were among McCoy’s hook-ups.

Beckett and Hayley go undercover to the spook their suspect, McCoy’s latest victim. She’s not their suspect because McCoy was turning over a new leaf and wanted to make things right after wronging someone.

McCoy was working with a divorce lawyer to honey trap unsuspecting wives and threatened to blow the whole scheme. The lawyer killed him to keep him quiet.

The scheming lawyer is caught and her latest client is also going off to jail.

The rest of the team and their relationships

Castle continues to keep hope alive with trying to surprise Beckett for the first anniversary and it’s an all hands on deck thing that involves Ryan, Esposito and the rest of the precinct. It’s a sweet moment where the cracks in the “timeout” are starting to break open into a fault line. Castle and Beckett agree for a “timeout” from the “timeout” and have dinner to celebrate their anniversary and then going back to Beckett needing “space.”

Vikram, for his part, tries to persuade Beckett that having dinner with Castle is a bad idea, not just because it could alert LokSat but that it might force the captain to reconsider the whole separation angle. He’s probably right, but Beckett ignores him anyways because she misses him.

Their dinner date is side-lined by issues with Ryan and Esposito which runs parallel to their own problems. Beckett and Castle each have a one-on-one with Esposito and Ryan. It’s clear Beckett and Castle come to their own realization about their own current situation, even if silently. They know they’ll overcome whatever bump in the road they’re at right now.

Ryan takes a bullet, saving Esposito’s life proving that no matter what—they’re bond is still there. They agree to stay as partners. We also learn that Esposito is way down on the sergeant’s list, meaning there’ll be a long time to wait before he’s promoted.

Castle and Beckett get their dinner, a day late at the loft. And let’s just say it was a time in well spent. But that happy moment ends Beckett has to leave but it’s too late, Castle sees the text and knows she is up to something. He takes Slaughter’s advice from “Cool Boys” and barges into Beckett’s life to find out what’s going on.

Where are we with LokSat

There is a brief mention of LokSat in this episode and the troubles of connecting the heroin back to Bracken’s secret partner. It will take time to track it down, according to Vikram.


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