Recap: Cool Boys

CASTLE - "Cool Boys" - Detective Slaughter (guest star Adam Baldwin) returns to enlist Castle's help in solving a high-stakes robbery case. But when a body is found linked to the crime, Slaughter becomes the number one suspect in the heist turned murder, while Castle has to determine whether he's guilty or help to prove he's innocent. "Cool Boys" will air on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) ADAM BALDWIN, BRETT DELBUONO, NATHAN FILLION

“Cool Boys” marks a first for Castle. It’s the first episode where one of the leads is completely absent from the episode. The reasons why Stana Katic wasn’t in the episode has been left to mass speculation, but she was on vacation in Europe during the filming. “Cool Boys” also sees a return of Det. Ethan Slaughter (season four’s “Headhunters”) who seeks Castle’s help with a case.

Case of the week

This week’s victim is Victor Lee, a hoodlum who appears to be turning over a new leaf by being a mentor to a troubled genius. He’s also Slaughter’s snitch which is why when Lee ends up dead, Slaughter becomes suspect number one in Ryan and Esposito’s case.

Slaughter is working a high-end robbery case involving a microchip. Lee was helping the detective with the case but there’s a lot of complexities and Slaughter seeks Castle’s help because he could smart enough to figure it out and is really the only person he can trust.

Castle and Slaughter go to talk to head of the mentor program who tells them all about Lee’s mentee, Louis Prince. Prince’s I.Q. is off the charts and is so smart apparently, he lashes out. But Lee and Prince hit off from the beginning, building up trust. But Lee was also using the kid to score big. There’s a some sort of “super key” that can unlock almost any sort of electronic lock. He was going to sell it to the highest bidder.

The high-end crew that was looking to get the “key” aren’t behind the death of Lee. The investigation turns back the creator of the super key who had money stolen from him. The head of the mentor program was once the creator’s accountant who was making advances on the guy’s wife. It was a revenge killing.

Slaughter, it turns out, is a softy

Slaughter has some valuable advice for Castle after the writer confides in the hard-nose detective. Having been married before and not focusing on the needs of his wife, Slaughter has been down the troubled marriage route. He tells Castle to figure out what’s bugging Beckett and fix it. At the end of the episode, Slaughter tells Castle to stop asking permission and just bud into Beckett’s life.

The takeaways

  • This is the weakest episode thus far and not because there wasn’t any Beckett. If she was there, I’m sure of what sort of impact or role she would have served in the episode. The story itself was weak on all angles.
  • Slaughter’s advice to Castle was spot on. Sometimes it takes a visiting character to push the main character to act upon a desired goal.
  • Who knew Slaughter was once married to an opera singer and majored in music theater? Talk about out of left field.
  • The boys watching out for Castle was a nice touch.
  • We go from Ryan taking a bribe, to failing the sergeant’s exam and being jealous to Ryspo losing their car to Castle.
  • Is Castle going to be punished for stealing NYPD property again?


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