Recap: The Nose

CASTLE- "The Nose" - When a priceless work of art is stolen and its transporter murdered, Castle and Beckett must work with the key witness to track down the painting and sniff out the killer. With special guest star Stephnie Weir ("MADtv," "The Comedians"). "The Nose" will air on MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jordin Althaus) NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATIC, SEAMUS DEVER

“The Nose” is one of those episodes that has potential and makes a good selling point at the very end. Stephanie Weir (MadTV) guest stars as a witness with a unique ability: a keen sense of smell that makes her a recluse in life but learns something in the end. Not often a guest starring character is allowed an opportunity for growth. Written by new to the Castle verse Nancy Kiu, “The Nose” is one of the strongest episodes in the post-season premiere outings. It didn’t have a lot of drama, but there was a fair amount of comedy.

The case of the week

Think Transporter Castle style. This week’s victim is Justin Fletcher, a transporter who delivers important people and goods from one spot to the other. After nearly getting run over by Mia (Weir), he gets shot by an unknown person who may have been after whatever it was he was carrying.

Mia gets whiff of the killer who rides in the elevator with her. She makes an anonymous phone call but it’s tracked, getting the police hot on her trail. She provides some “smelling” insight through the case and even learns a thing or two about life from Castle. In kind return, she offers up advice of her own to Castle about Beckett. We’ll get into that later.

Justin was transporting a piece of high end art but had a change of heart once he learned that it was stolen during World War II and changed hands a few times. Art like that can’t be sold on the open market, so the sale was conducted in privacy. Justin for his part, was going to return the piece to it’s rightful owner. But in order to do that, Justin had to swipe the transport job from a competitor, Liam (played by Charles Mesure).

That puts the detectives hot on the trail of Liam and during the chase, Ryan accidentally shoots Esposito in the ass. Liam gets away.

Meanwhile, Castle and Mia track down Liam’s car and find him with Justin’s briefcase with the painting. But there’s another twist, the painting was fake. Justin’s plan was to give the fake to Liam and then return the painting.

Justin’s double cross ultimately leads back around to his brother, who painted the forgery. That is the killer. Castle and Beckett work together to find evidence of the killer and it connects back to Justin’s brother: all because of a gambling debt. One of the oldest motives in the book, money.

Beckett makes pushes for more space

Beckett continues to seek more distance from her and Castle. As such, she asks permission to drop by the loft to pick up the rest of her things. At the end of the episode, Beckett walks into the loft and as she moves about it is more about the feeling of loneliness and the heartache of the decision to leave Castle. She smells his shirt (which she probably takes with her) and leaves something of herself behind: a t-shirt with her smell on it.

She still loves you

Mia tells Castle more than a few occasions that despite whatever Beckett says, she is still in love with him. This makes him start to think something else is going on and it’s not a need for space. But he’s not there just yet. Mia also tells Castle what he and Beckett is the real deal. They’re the real deal.

At the loft, the lights are left on—again, another sign from Beckett of wanting to come back after whatever is going on is over with. In a way, I think Castle hoped Beckett was still there. She wasn’t. Instead, he finds the NYPD t-shirt she left behind. Like her with the shirt, he smells it.

About that sergeant’s exam/Threat of therapy

The previous episode saw Ryan and Esposito getting a shot at taking the sergeant’s exam. Esposito passes but Ryan doesn’t, setting up the petty jealousy angle for the episode that culminates with Ryan shooting Esposito and Captain Beckett threatening therapy.

The problem with this was that it was set up for gag purposes. In a real-life situation the partners would have benched pending an investigation and a whole lot more. But it’s TV, so I guess we can give them a slide on that matter.

Beckett had enough of their bickering and tells them to sort it out or they’ll head to therapy toward the end of the episode. It’s good, because I think they could use it.

No movement on Loksat

There was no movement on Loksat in this episode. This was promised weeks before. They would take a break for a couple of episodes before centering back on it at the end of the first half.

The takeaways

  • Since did Beckett start calling Castle Rick? She does it when there’s concern, she’s doing it more often. And she also called him babe at one point. Kind of makes your head hurt a little bit. But I think that’s the point of the whole separation angle.
  • The mirroring of the final scene with Castle and Beckett. They both move through the loft in a similar manner. It was a nice touch.
  • Kudos to Stephanie Weir her character as a joy to watch on screen.
  • Hayley assisted in the investigation and makes me wonder, what does she really do for a living. I’m getting a vibe from season four’s “Eye of the Beholder” and Serene Kaye. She was someone who stole to get the rightful artifacts back to the real owners, could Hayley be in the same type of business?
  • I like seeing Hayley and Beckett working together, wished they’d do more of that.
  • First they knock Ryan down a peg or two, then they have him become jealous of failing the exam. Ugh.
  • And let’s talk originality for last names shall we? Could Graham and Justin be related to Steven Fletcher (the victim in “Fool Me Once”)? Same last name. Apple didn’t fall from the tree on that one!


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