Recap: Dead from New York

CASTLE - "Dead From New York" - When Sid Ross, the powerful creator of a long-running sketch comedy show is killed, Castle and Beckett are called to investigate. But as they delve into the victim's life and the colorful world of "Saturday Night Tonight," they uncover a shocking secret that may explain Sid's murder. Carly Rae Jepson is featured as a musical guest, on "Castle," MONDAY, MAY 4 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Also, Jaleel White plays Mickey Franks, a larger-than-life sketch comedy star with a tendency toward outrageous -- and possibly homicidal -- behavior. (ABC/John Fleenor) DUSTIN INGRAM, STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION

For any show to reach 150 episodes is a feat. Castle reached that rare milestone with the comedy-infused episode “Dead from New York.” The episode features a whos-who of old TV shows well past their prime and with an oddly dropped promotional musical appearance. For a show that has spent the season ripping off movie titles, it should not come as a complete surprise this episode does not even hide the fact they are ripping off Saturday Night Live (the fake series is called Saturday Night Tonight).

The episode starts off with two network executive stalking about the boss only to find the boss drop in on them from the elevator. The case takes off from there with Beckett, Castle and the team from the 12th investigating the death of the boss-man. And there’s no shortage of suspects.

The first up is Mickey (Family Matters’ Jaleel White). His sock puppet routine in the interrogation room is borderline creepy. His onset antics was mere tactic to get out of his contract with the show so he can move onto movies. He may be crazy, but he’s certainly not the killer.

We can’t forget the wash-up actor Danny Valentine (Trapper John’s Gregory Harrison) trying to make a hit on Beckett. Castle snuffs it out. He gives them information that sends them down another hallway where they learn the boss man was making some deal that was going down at midnight.

A conveniently placed surveillance camera captures the boss man running away after gunshots are heard. And another red-herring suspect appears—a mobbed up drug dealer. Turns out Dead from New York has a deep dark secret—mob guy is a part owner of the show. And he was the own that gave boss man a gun to protect himself at the midnight meeting in a dark alley. He’s not their guy.

But his interrogation reveals a ransom deal gone wrong. But who was kidnapped? After tracing anyone who had ties to the boss man they find his ex-wife was gone missing. They track her down at a warehouse where she is able to provide a description of a ring of her abductor.

As the product placement singer (Carley Rae Jespen) sings her tune, Castle and Beckett spot their suspect? The studio page who is wearing a ring like the kidnapper. The page, Chad, says it’s not him even with the gun found in his apartment.

Not satisfied with the whole case closed thing, something in the show’s books showed something odd going on. Turns out, the boss man’s head man Gene (played  by 90210’s James Ekhart) was embezzling money and the whole thing was about to blow up because of the kidnapping. He tries to run off but Beckett takes him down on live TV for the win.

Back at the loft, Martha’s pre-show jitters of being blasted on social media turn out to be for naught. She spent much of the episode repeating her ritual first line as she fretted about the early preview reviews. She was “loved” on social media and everyone lives happily ever after at the loft.

Dead from New York was an okay episode. It was not great nor was it bad. Campy is the best way to describe this episode with an attempt to bring the comedic flair that has since left the show. Terence Paul Winter did a good job with the episode.BONUS: I have to admit, I loved the whole “that season sucked” remarked from Beckett as the walked down the studio hall of the show. With the writers of Castle being the cast in question, it seemed a perfect way for fans who struggled with the season to get a smile, I guess.


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