Recap: Last Action Hero

CASTLE - "Last Action Hero" - When the star of Castle's favorite '80's action movie is mysteriously murdered, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim's secret past and pursue his killer with help from a team of aging action heroes. Krista Allen and Ted McGinley guest star, on "Castle," MONDAY, DECEMBER 1 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Desmond) TED MCGINLEY, KRISTA ALLEN, NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATIC

A few things first | When writers start ripping off movie titles for episode titles you know they’ve pulled the last bucket of water from the well. Such was the case for “Last Action Hero” where it was supposed to be Castle’s dream come true, meeting heroes from his childhood. The fact that he admitted it was his “bro-time” explains so much about him. The problems with this episode are the story. And if wasn’t for Beckett (and Stana) this episode might have been a total disaster. Stana saved it in terms of her facial expressions to Nathan’s fan-boy humor that well, reminds me of a weekend family trip long ago with other families we knew filled with pre-teen boys who relished in Rambo-like films. I like action films, but Castle’s reaction threw me back to that time I’d rather not remember.

The case | An usher from a movie theater finds the body of Lance Delorca an aging 80s action film star who’s trying to rebound with similar action heroes in an Expandable-esque film headlined by Brock Harmon (Ted McGinley). They learn that Delorca made up his background as a spy to make him more appealing back in his day. Anyways, turns out he learns he’s a dad to the son of his co-star, Harmon. Trey Harmon isn’t in the family biz, but instead runs a club owned by another former co-star of Delorca’s who was running drugs. Long story short, it was the mom played by Krista Allen (did ABC check her list of credits? snicker!) killed Delorca to protect the truth that he was the father and not Brock.

Castle fanboy love at its least finest | I won’t nit-pick the slot car bug because it’s pointless and par for the course for Castle writers to toss in something to solve the case that would get tossed out once it was revealed it was obtained without search warrant. Castle was totally into the episode including getting to tag along on a mission to get said evidence. Sorry, but the fact that Castle has been through gunfire, explosions, drownings and god knows what else it’s hard to stomach that an explosion would make him jump. He was within his element. And kudos to Stana who gave enough facial expression to show that she loving this side of Castle that anything else would have imploded episode.

Ryan, don’t be quittin’ your day job | I grew-up in the 80s and I grew up on a healthy dose of action-laded films and TV shows. The A-Team was fixture on our TV in my home. But I’ll be honest, the cheezy one-liners and attempts to be humorous destroyed the episode. They were unfunny.

Where do we go from here | The first half of season seven ends with “Bad Santa” which further explores Castle’s ties to the mob, includes a pivotal moment for Esposito and Lanie, and a cliffhanger that Stana Katic promises to change the face of the show for several episodes going into new year. If it’s like the D.C.-arc, that means expect Castle and Beckett to be working alone or at least not as much for a few episodes.


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