Beckett goes “Into the Belly of the Beast”

CASTLE - "In the Belly of the Beast" - Beckett is recruited to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission turns deadly when an undercover operation goes array. To survive, Beckett must engage in a battle of wits against some of the most dangerous men in the New York underworld - including a powerful enemy from her past, on "Castle," MONDAY, MARCH 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nicole Wilder) CARLOS GOMEZ, STANA KATIC

Beckett heads into the “Belly of the Beast” in Monday’s all new Castle

TVGuide talked with Castle creator Andrew Marlowe and co-lead Stana Katic about Monday’s episode that sends Katic’s character into a deadly situation when an undercover mission goes seriously wrong. The episode was written by Marlowe and executive producer David Amann (who penned this season’s “Disciple” and co-wrote “Under Fire” with Marlowe) and is directed by another one of the show’s executive producers, Rob Bowman. “In the Belly of the Beast” dives into the mythology of Beckett’s character. And as Katic states, her character may come out the end a changed person.

And she doesn’t just mean the harrowing ordeal Beckett goes through during the botched undercover operation. The story takes several twists and turns, including the return of some faces that will be familiar to fans who have followed Beckett’s series-long investigation into her mother’s murder. Katic says this new chapter shows just how far Beckett has come throughout the series — and how much her relationship with Castle (Nathan Fillion) is responsible for her growth.”The transition for the character over the six seasons is that she moved out of being an individual who reacts from emotion,” Katic says.

“She’s become more lethal [because] she’s capable of accessing a situation, maintaining her cool … and finding justice within the confines of the law. Part of the reason that she’s willing to do that is because she’s falling in love and she has something to live for. She has someone to try to build a future with.

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Source: TVGuide


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