Recap: Deep Cover


Things we liked | “Deep Cover” features the return of James Brolin as Castle’s long-lost CIA father, Jackson Hunt. We like it when shows take a character that fans quickly warmed up to and add a backstory that makes us question whether or not we should really like the character. Terence Paul Winter is one of the strongest writers on  the show and this episode proved why his works rank high with fans. And under the careful direction of Tom Wright, this episode didn’t disappoint. There’s a lot of stuff going on in this episode from wedding talk (which we’ll get into at the end) to Jackson Hunt’s wondering “what-if” about having a family to a vague reference to a friend at the AG’s office (not McCord, but we can only assume Richmond from “Valkyrie” and “Dreamworld”) who analyzed security footage. It was a nice way to bring D.C. back into the storyline leaving us to wonder are we done with Beckett’s time in D.C. or is it going to come back in a roundabout sort of way.

The case | Ted Rollins has a secret past and it is one of the reasons why someone shoots him. But he’s a front for CIA mission to gather intel on what could be referred to as a NOC list for the CIA. Hunt’s job is to protect the list and find mole within the CIA.  And when someone calls 9-1-1 from Rollins’ apartment, the 12th catches the case—by design. At the apartment, Castle finds a secret compartment in a floorboard and pulls out a laptop. A short-time later, Beckett and Esposito learn Rollins was a hacker who was a bit of a Robin Hood. But as Espo quickly points out most identity theft victims go to the police and that’s where the case leads them to an international banking company that has a mysterious employee by the name of Anderson Cross. And that’s where the episode goes from your straight murder mystery to your high stakes government case. (There’s at least one per season, this year we have four thus far.)

Meeting Cross/Jackson Hunt | Castle is thrown for a loop when his father calls him out of the blue and tells him not to react to what’s about to happen. Castle is left speechless when Cross is his father, Jackson Hunt. Throughout the scene at the banking company, Castle remains calm but is slightly uneasy because he knows Beckett and knows who and what his father is. And for Beckett it’s a bit of deja vu for her because she’s seen him before but she’s not sure of where she knows him from.

No crazy conspiracy theories | Beckett is stunned when there’s no pithy comments from Castle about wild government conspiracy theories. She’s left speechless because it was the perfect opportunity and he didn’t bite.  And things get more wanky when he ducks out to meet with his father in Central Park. Beckett can sense something’s wrong but doesn’t press on it—she knows he’ll tell her when he’s ready. If she only knew what was about to come her way.

Papa leans on son for intel | Everything is by design and Hunt is pressing his son for information. But what are his intentions? Castle reluctantly tells his dad what the cops know. And that could put him at odds with Beckett later on but he’s willing to risk it because if weren’t for his father—well, we know the story don’t we? We understand why Brolin wanted his character to be darker and have more mysterious qualities about him. He’s a trained killer. The type of guy that governments don’t want people to know about. And we’re totally cool with that because it adds more dimension to his character.

Carefully pull the slug out but do me a favor, try not to make my nose light up,” — Hunt to Castle

It helps having friends in high places | Castle frantically tries to reach his dad tell him what’s going on with the case, the team is close. It’s only a matter of time before they find him because Beckett’s a hounddog. She doesn’t give up.. And that’s when Beckett finally remembers where she knows Cross from and things about to get really interesting really fast. Beckett makes use of her connections to the AG’s office and gets her valuable intel on who their killer might be—it’s the same guy that showed up around the time of Alexis’ kidnapping. He’s a burned CIA operative and now a wanted fugitive. Her friend warns her to call them when she finds him because he’s been disavowed. (Um, Beckett, you worked with these people for at least four or five months you’d think you know their BS when it comes flying your way… but whatever.).

Castle tells Martha about Hunt | Castle turns to his mother when Hunt fails to show up at a meet. Martha tells Castle to tell the one person he can trust—Beckett. And that is when Hunt shows up at the door with a bullet in his side. After some hilarious dialog with a reference to the board game Operation,  Hunt is patched up.

Beckett is the skeptic | Beckett arrives at the apartment and Castle tells her the man in the photo is her future father-in-law. Beckett wants to haul him in but Hunt applies some logic that if she does that, she won’t get justice for Rollins. She doesn’t buy Hunt’s story but Beckett, always trusting Castle, goes along with a plan to catch the real killer. They go trop the mole but it was all a setup.

Hunt finishes his job | The real killer kidnaps Castle but Hunt saves the day and finishes off the job and leaves behind the gun that allows them to at least bring some closure to Rollins’ death. At the end of the episode as Castle and Martha find some closure to the whole thing, Hunt looks up at Castle’s loft wondering “what if.”

September weddings are always beautiful | It appears that Beckett can pretty much get off whenever she wants because they are trying to set a date for the wedding. Between hot New York summers, book tours, research trips and frozen New York winters, they are having a problem deciding upon a date. In the end, realizing that the people who are there for you now matters the most, Castle decides that a book tour is not as important as getting married. So a September wedding it is.  But the question on many minds is that a September wedding in May (for season finale), a traditional September wedding (season premiere), a November sweeps September wedding, or are they going to drag it out and make it a 2015 wedding? Hmm… let’s ponder that for a while, shall we?

Scenes to rewind for | Ryan is back after paternity leave and is proud to show off his pride and joy. And it is not Exposito or Castle that makes a jackass comment but Beckett.  Too cute. Then another good scene is the whole wedding date discussion in loft is full of cuteness overload. Maybe a bit too much.

Favorite quote | The quote of the episode goes to Hunt and a nod to the game Operation.

Favorite scene | The favorite scene is the tag scene where Castle tells Beckett she is family and will cancel his book tour for their wedding.


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