Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter


What we liked about this episode | Leading into this episode, there was an awful lot of pain being felt within the fandom because of how the previous episode “Get A Clue” ended. “Like Father, Like Daughter” picks up a few weeks after the events of episode seven and dives head first into the father-daughter drama that has been around since “Valkyrie.” Given the way we were critical of manufactured angst in the latter episodes of season five, it’ll probably come as a surprise that we were okay with this angst. The reason? Quite simple, it felt real. And we like when things have a somewhat authentic feel to it.

The case | “Like Father, Like Daughter” is not like your traditional Castle episode that starts with a murder and then the investigation of who the killer was. In this episode, we have the murderer but there’s a catch—he claims he is innocent. This is where Alexis steps in and it seems Little Castle is following in dad’s footsteps. She’s become involved in a Project Innocence case and is trying to clear Frank Hansen before he’s executed. Alexis enlists Esposito and Ryan to help her out but when her options run out she’s forced to turn to dad. This was the last person she wanted to turn to given the state of their relationship. But she knows her dad and if anyone can find the real killer, it’s dad. Father and daughter work as well as Castle and Beckett do. It’s almost kind of freaky the way they play off one another. Long story short, turns out the victim was tutoring a swim jock who was making meth on the side. She was going to turn him into the authorities so he killed her. Frank is cleared and can marry his high school sweetheart and start his life as a free man.

Like Father, Like Daughter | If there was an episode to be aptly titled it’s this one. Alexis has a future in crime solving. Whether it’s as a cop or a lawyer, Alexis playing detective next to dad was funny and heartwarming and provides some futuristic insight. Though it didn’t start off that way. Father and daughter continue to bicker about the events of the previous episode and Alexis’ relationship with Pi. Castle’s willing to bury the hatchet to help his daughter out. And he never once stops believing in her. As a team, they are just as formidable as Castle and Beckett. They even finish each other’s sentences. (Scene alert: Watch out for the “ewww” moment.) And while the two do apologize there are still some issues that need to be handled. Such as why Castle didn’t tell Alexis about the engagement and the acceptance of Pi.

Space weddings | This is perhaps the funniest moment of the episode and one of the more cuter moments of the season thus far. Castle and Beckett talking about their wedding. Back in “A Rose For Ever After” Beckett states rather empathetically that she never thought about her wedding as a little girl. Yet she clearly did by her quick dismissal of Castle wanting to get married in outer space. When Marlowe said the engagement would be a long one, we didn’t think he meant a couple of years. Clearly Castle is willing to wait a couple of years for the arrival of commercial space flight to get hitched.

Best dialogue | Our favorite line of the episode comes out of the space wedding discussion.

“Yes, because when I was a little girl imagining my wedding day, being stuck in a small tin can with a dozen tons of rocket fuel strapped to my ass is exactly what I had in mind,” — Beckett

Favorite scene | Beckett’s concern that Alexis went to everyone but her when trying to clear Frank. Beckett voices her concern to Lanie who fires back she didn’t go to Perlmutter to which Beckett replies no one wants to go to Perlmutter if they can avoid it.

Where does Beckett fit in | Beckett’s coming into a family that’s closely knit and has always been there for each other. Our favorite scene ties into the detective’s concern about what her role is with the Castle family. Despite the family’s previous welcoming nature, she still feels on the outside. Lanie offers up the perfect advice: you have to make your own history and not worry about what either side brings to the table.

Alexis never had a problem with Beckett | One of the biggest things that frustrated us over the summer and up until recently was the belief that Alexis didn’t like Beckett and that only got heightened after Alexis started acting out in wake of the engagement. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. Alexis has always admired and looked up to Beckett. But I think the scene at the end of the episode was more of Alexis welcoming Beckett into the family and making her feel welcome as opposed to apologizing. We suspect more scenes of them coming up in the very near future.

Where do we go from here | Alexis and Castle have a long way to go patch things up. It’s important to note that both characters have behaved in manners that are less than admirable over the recent weeks. Castle acted like a jackass in “Get a Clue” and Alexis was right to punish him for it. In the same respect, instead of asking why her father failed to include her on one of the biggest, most important decisions of his life, she chose to act out. And Castle has a right to call her on it and be concerned about her well-being. Regardless of how one feels about Pi, he’s around for the long hull.

Scenes worth a rewind |  Castle and the pencils. We know he’s back writing again since he’s goofing around. Another worthy scene is the entire space wedding discussion. Castle’s dragging his feet on the wedding venues while Beckett’s very into it. She’s also understanding when it comes to Castle helping Alexis. All of the Beckett and Lanie scenes. Lanie has the best advice and almost always steers Beckett in the right direction when it comes to relationships. Too bad Lanie never heeds her own advice.


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