Recap: Disciple


We have a few things to say about this episode | Throughout this season, Castle has had a hit or miss episode, at least for us. This week’s episode isn’t a hit or a miss but rather falls somewhere in between. We didn’t hate this episode, but we didn’t like either. Nor did we find this episode all that creepy. “Disciple” was neither excellent or poor and it was neither good or fair. In a nutshell this episode falls into “Middle Earth” with no clear definition of where we stand with this episode. This is a difficult we review because we found it enjoyable in parts but in other parts it seemed to drag on and on with no end in sight. When we have to check to see if the shark is circling the waters then we know something is amiss. We can say, however, the shark went back into deeper waters.

Our problem with the episode is that it was going great until 3XK entered the picture by proxy. This where we feel the shark started circling and had he made an actual appearance then the show would have jumped the shark. But he didn’t though the plot did kinda move into the unbelievable and improbable categories but we’ll take it as some sort of attempt to make the story more intriguing. There are times when the show’s creative staff need to be reminded you are a police procedural not a soap opera or some horrible SyFy series/movie. If you’re going to go through an effort to kill a character, then do it. Don’t do a mea culpa or make him super human because you still want to milk him for all its worth. It’s bad form.

This ultimately brings us to this week’s villain. Finally Beckett has her own 3XK in Dr. Kellie Nieman, a plastic surgeon who redefines the word creepy. Who is this doctor? She’s a plastic surgeon who likes to make people look like other people and in this case, Lanie and Esposito. And when the lookalikes end up dead, the team begins to think something more sinister is at play.

And they’re right—to a degree. Beckett and Castle go the archives only to learn that case file about 3XK have disappeared including files from the ME’s office, they can only think that he’s back. We would have been ok with this had it been revealed that other unsolved murders at the end had been revealed then instead where it was.

So what is 3XK’s connection? The good doctor is the girlfriend of Tyson. And this is where the episode starts to go back to soap opera land. Considering the amount of investigation they have done into Tyson, they never once learned that he had a girlfriend? Are we supposed to believe that? They never knew he had a girlfriend? Um. Okay. Considering the files were stolen and the NYPD electronic archive was hacked into, we suppose that it’s not all that surprising that they missed him having a girlfriend.

Annie Wersching was convincing as Dr. Nieman. She played creepy well. She is a worthy adversary for Beckett. She will be back and if she is, let’s hope it is the last time and she takes Tyson’s ghost with her into a fiery end.

However, this brings up an interesting point: 3XK (if dead and we think he is) has targeted Ryan, Castle, Lanie and Esposito—Beckett becomes the target now. We think Nieman has something special planned for Beckett when the character returns (hopefully later this season to wrap up the storyline). And both Castle and Beckett know this which is why they’re both staring at each other at the end.

Best dialogue | “I love it when you’re angry, with people other than me of course,” Castle to Beckett. Honorable mention goes to Castle again for the trying to break more of the guys ribs. And of course Beckett’s “less Hobbity” quip about the honeymoon planning. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue in this episode that really stood out. Of course, the “chasing ghosts” serves as a personal experience reminder from Beckett to Castle about chasing 3XK. She warns him off against going down that rabbit hole.

Best scene | Ryan and Esposito track a potential suspect to a boat but as Ryan gets closer he sees that their suspect looks exactly like his partner. He tells Espo to leave not wanting his friend to see the doppelganger. That’s what best friends are for. An honorary mention goes to end scene as well.

Till we meet again | Nothing is more creepy that a deranged serial killer leaving a calling card saying she will be back. The song—there is not enough evidence to say it has a connection to Beckett’s parents. It is a bit presumptuous and early to make a reference to Jim and Johanna because we know that 3XK and/or Nieman haven’t targeted the families of the team from the 12th. This means that the song is directly related to Beckett in some way.. What is probable, is that it could have a connection to the 26 unsolved murder files that went missing as well. It’d be interesting to see Beckett has some unsolved case that has nagged at her since becoming a detective and that song has some sort significance. Of course, that’s being creative about the whole thing. It could be that song is just a mere taunt. If we had to bet money on the entire thing, we’re saying the song was a “taunt”—nothing more, nothing less.

The state of Caskett | The engaged couple are moving along with their nuptial planning with honeymoon plans. Beckett doesn’t want a trip Middle Earth but it quickly becomes apparent that there are few places that Castle hasn’t been with his exes. It is just us or are these little chats about the weddings awkward and not well-placed? It also seems that Castle isn’t taking any of this seriously and given his serious proposal it seems off at least in our opinion. Castle by his very nature isn’t serious but his own words back in “Valkyrie” said the proposal was the most serious thing he’d ever done. So why is he treating the whole wedding business as a non-serious matter. Is it because he’s been down the road twice before? Or is he really only liking the engaged business, much he was with the dating bit from season five, not wanting to push forward. If it seems like we’re arguing for a wedding next week—maybe we should. It would save us from ill-planned and awkward chats such as the past few weeks. We don’t mind some wedding chat—just not every damn week.

Where do we go from here | Hopefully the ship rights itself.  Generally speaking everyone regroups before heading into the final stretch of the season in January.  They talk about what has worked, what hasn’t and what they need to do going forward to make the season better and stronger than when they started. They’ll also talk about where they want to end (lets hope it’s not a clustered mess like it was last season)—and we certainly hope it’s not a Bones blackmail sort of thing. Otherwise, some writers are getting moldy cheese and bad milk in their mail. And then we’ll have to say that the show definitely jumped the shark.


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